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your pets human grade, raw healthy choice
Human grade raw pet food delivered across Victoria
Victoria's #1 human grade raw pet food supplier
Customised meal % breakdown, specific to your dog's weight and requirements
We are proud sponsors of the Siberian Husky Club Of Victoria Social Sledding Competition
Custom raw meal plans available – ask us today!


A raw fed human grade alternative for your pets bowl

The Pawfect Pet Foods Delivery Co is your human grade manufacturer and supplier of pet food for pets with an emphasis on raw diet which maximises animal health.

Our customer base includes dog breeders, kennels, groomers, animal shelters, rescue homes and everyday pet lovers.

The Pawfect Pets delivers freshly frozen raw premium human grade meals sealed in kg amounts for all pet varieties and requirements.

Using no additives, preservatives or any other secret or silent additives that are used widely used in the pet food industry, your mind will now be at ease knowing your pets are eating human grade quality meat that will maximise their diet and health.

Benefits of a natural and raw meat diet

Pets bodies function as humans do and just because they don’t cook and prepare their own food doesn’t meant their bodies were designed to eat processed and heavy substances. They are encouraged just like humans to eat fresh meat that is nutritionally beneficial to their growth, development and overall health. Our companies purpose is to provide nutrition the way nature intended without harmful additives and in the most raw and digestible form possible so your pets are gaining all the extra nutritional benefits possible.

The benefits gained with feeding a natural and meaty diet to your pets are continual. Nourishing your pets bodies with a raw nutrition will support strength, growth, endurance and overall better your pet’s health. If you are yet to introduce your pet to the natural goodness of a fresh and raw diet, we highly suggest you try it today. Not only will you notice the lifestyle and health changes in your pet, but you will also feel better knowing you are optimising your pets chances of living a healthy and fulfilled life.

Easy to digest

Dogs and cats have naturally short digestion tracts, which means they need to be eating foods that are easy for their bodies to breakdown and digest. There are certain foods like cooked meat and heavy carbohydrates that have proven effects of slowing an animal’s digestion down. At the Pawfect Pet Food Company we encourage our customers to introduce a natural and fresh meaty nutrients into their pets diets as these particular foods have digestible nutrients that are easily absorbed by a pets intestines. Natural meats have many benefits one being that it contains raw enzymes that aid and benefit digestive health and give your pet the best quality nutrients their bodies need.


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